ATTENTION consortium in Bonn, November 2022

Defining what makes a great AI solution

November 22-24, 2022 the whole consortium met in Bonn to flesh out the requirement specifications for the AI-empowered software solutions to be developed (in prototype / MVP form) in the ATTENTION! project.

To this end, we detailed the user roles and use cases for such a solution and, through the expertise brought together in the project, surveyed their needs and the prospective user flow.

The ATTENTION! solutions will focus primarily on

  • Brand Protection units
  • Purchasing units
  • Export Control units
  • Compliance units
  • Law firms specializing in Intellectual Property and/or Import/Export
  • Consulting firms specializing in Trade, Import/Export and Supply Chain Management

For those user roles we detailed the concrete functions our solutions will have to offer and their operationalization. Specifically, we systematized the trigger conditions (“Red Flags” and “Yellow Flags”) our AI will have to identify and the subsequent research steps it will have to initiate in order to detect illicit trade and reveal its perpetrators.

We also delved deeper into which data sources will have to be connected in which way in order to accomplish this, and how semantic connections and process sequences shall be organized in Knowledge Graphs.

Last but not least we discussed the IT infrastructure: how can be make our technology, distributed across 5 partners and 2 countries and tapping into various different 3rd party data sources, as flexible and resilient as possible while respecting all legal requirements, particularly concerning data protection and data privacy.

All in all, ATTENTION! is moving at a very good pace, we are paving the road quite effectively and efficiently for a truly disruptive AI approach to fighting product piracy and financial crime.