Planning the automation

February saw the first ATTENTION! consortium meeting in 2023, organized by international consortium leader RisikoTek and hosted by Schaeffler Singapore.

Aside from planning our activities for the year, the workshops focused on the concept for the ATTENTION! platform and first scientific results relevant to it. We delved deeper into the conceptual and technological implementation for the following use cases:

  • analyzing websites/URLs for red flags
  • identifying further websites/URLs to be examined
  • detecting suspicious activity in trade transactions

Two experts in detecting and fighting Trade-Based Money Laundering helped us deepen our understanding:

  • Ramesh Raj Kishore, Regional Director Asia Pacific Region at Pharmaceutical Security Institute (PSI) introduced us to the current state of affairs in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Cyril Chua, Managing Director at Robinson LLC presented known strategies of counterfeiters and brand pirates, and demonstrated how he and his team detect and fight such activities online and offline.

These impulses helped us refine our specification requirements for the ATTENTION! solutions.