ATTENTION Hackathon in Oldenburg

Hackathon comes up with new approaches

In November, experts from both universities met with the developers and data scientists of HASE & IGEL for a 2-day hackathon in Oldenburg to work on the code for the ATTENTION!-solution.

We focused on the processing and integration for company, commerce and web data. Our goal: extracting networks of global trading activities and their patterns as a basis for our AI algorithms who are to detect anomalies in such patterns.

The central challence is the efficient integration of such vast amounts of data with very different structures. Hence, we used the hackathon to develop new approaches in Entity Resolution (i.e. are two firms that sound quite the same really the same firm?) and Geocoding (e.g. Where is the address from an imprint? Does it really exist?). We also tested how well our “Red Flags” are already operationalized to identify warning signs.