ATTENTION! Consortium in Singapore 2024

Anti-Piracy AI-System takes shape

In May 2024, representatives of all ATTENTION! members met in Singapore to review the progress made thus far and decide on the next moves.

By now, quite a lot is in existance already: The data across all systems – customs data, company data, web data – is onboarded. Data integration is in full swing. AI models to detect “red flags” (proof of illicit trade) or “yellow flags” (first indicators for something foul – inconclusive alone, but telling in combination) are being tested. Where data is integrated already, knowledge graphs across different data hubs are being generated. Our web crawlers start looking for new suspicious cases online. And the first iterations of user interfaces materialize.

Nearly two years into our journey and a bit over one year before the conclusion of this project, we need no longer ask questions of whether AI automation can be used to track down illicit vendors of pirated or smuggled goods, or how we go about it. The full focus is now on bringing together the already functioning pieces to create a holistic solution. Full data integration and model generation across all the different data silos as well as an intuitive user experience will be the key.